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Penguin Love

My daughter made a request for a pacifier holder for Livi today. She loves penguins, and lavender which is Livi’s signature color, naturally.

I did not use a pattern, just winged it.  The holder strap are rows of half double crochet and the head is a circle with a heart shaped for the face.  I made a single crochet white boarder to emphasize the head and used a single crochet for the pink bow.  The eyes are french knots and the beak is a whip stitch.  Hope she likes it!

Worthy Woman Intro

Basically, crochet came back into my life after a 30 year hiatus, and has changed my life.  I come from a family of very crafty and talented women and have felt intimidated by their beautiful talent.  I first tried my hand with crochet as child – literally.  My grandmother taught me when I was about 7 or 8 to make a chain using my fingers.  I made a pair of barefoot sandals and wore them everywhere – it was of course the late 60’s and very cool to be barefoot. Fast forward a few years, to about the age of 13, when I attempted to read an actual pattern.  With my aunt’s help, I managed to finish my first shawl.  It was excruciating.  Patterns were not fun for me and I soon lost interest.

A few years ago, my sister took up knitting.  She gave me some needles and yarn and showed me how to cast on, etc.  Two needles seemed clumsy to me.  I went home and dug around in my sewing box and found my old crochet hook – this seemed more familiar in my hand.  I found a YouTube video and haven’t put my hook down since!  My ultimate goal is to design crochet patterns – image that!

In addition to crochet, I may bring you other offerings of crafting, sewing, cooking, canning, gardening, or anything else that is of interest or in season.  I would love to hear from you and any suggestions you might have for the blog.  My hope is to inspire, instruct, encourage, and enlighten, with humor and honesty.  Please stop by and visit anytime!

Remember, we are all worthy woman.  Proverbs 31:10-31